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Find a suit tailor in Kuwait for gentlemen’s bespoke tailoring


In Kuwait, the quest to find the perfect suit is quite complex. A well-crafted suit can only be achieved if you find the right tailor.




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Where can I find a tailor for military clothing and police uniforms?

Going to a tailor can be ner wrecking if you're not familiar with their services or their pricing. It can also be frustrating if they don’t do a good job on tailoring your clothing, which is why we recommend you always do a sample piece of clothing when visiting a tailor for the first time. 

With the growing demand of military tailors for the new workforce in Kuwait and in other countries in the gulf, we are witnessing a new generation of women police officers and female army cadets who need to have tailor to fit uniforms for their professions. If you are looking for a military tailor in Kuwait City, you can visit Khamco’s new shop in Blockat 2 located on the first floor of the Fabric Market.

When visiting a military tailor shop, you need to clearly understand what their specialty is so you can understand whether they are capable of tailoring your desired uniform or not. It is recommended to bring a sample with you so they will be able to understand what you are looking for in general. Once they see the sample, they can distinctly tell you whether this is something they can do or not. Please put in mind that some tailors are specialized in different branches for example: customs, police, military, air force, army, fire force, security, oil & gas, national guard, or special forces. The key lesson is to give feedback to the tailor so they can do a better job.

When visiting a tailor and prior to agreeing on the prices, check previous samples they made so you can feel confident about his work. We see many tailors mess up measurements because they are not familiar with what style suits your body, therefore you have to be patient in order for them to fix the tailored garment to suit your needs. The tailor will focus on multiple measurements mainly the upper chest and torso area when writing your sizing. The dimensions used in most cases for tailors is inches and it's very common for them to adjust past or old clothing to the appropriate size or what you are looking for. Make sure to ask about the tailor’s policies and what are the special care instructions for the fabric if needed.

There are many small details you might not be aware of upon visiting a military tailor shop but should know like the buttons. Some uniforms have multiple buttons while others have less. Also pay attention to the type of buttons used, some are plastics or resin made and others are metal coated. Another uncommon design for buttons are the buttonholes and the way the buttons are sewn on the police uniform in Kuwait. If you are expecting a certain collar style, make sure to clearly communicate that information to the tailor. 

The same concept applies to sleeves and cuffs, which differ as well. Upon paying the tailor for sewing your police clothing for example, it is highly recommended to wear the tailored uniform in the shop to check for any errors especially if it is your first time. Women police officers tend to have more comments than their male counterparts when tailoring military clothing. In conclusion, army or military tailoring can be stressful if you do not communicate with your military tailor what you are looking for.

January 29, 2024

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