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Find a suit tailor in Kuwait for gentlemen’s bespoke tailoring


In Kuwait, the quest to find the perfect suit is quite complex. A well-crafted suit can only be achieved if you find the right tailor.




How to choose the Perfect Dishdasha Tailor and how to avoid tailoring mistakes in Kuwait?


The article discusses the sewing problems faced with Kuwaitis when dealing with tailors in Kuwait.




How much Fabric do I need for a Dishdasha, Thobe, Dress, Shirt, or Pants?


When visiting a tailor, it is always hard to predict the amount of fabric you actually need compared to what you purchase in the store. This article will explain to you the recommended amount of fabric to purchase online or in the shop to tailor your clothing.




Where can I find a military tailor in Kuwait for Women or Men in the Army or Police?

We see a huge wave of acceptance and love from Kuwaitis for their small country and most citizens are facing a difficulty finding a suitable military tailor in Kuwait. We all know that most police tailors do not favor having female customers in their shop since the place is not a suitable environment especially within the store, so we will discuss some shops in Kuwait that offer military tailoring for young officers.

Khamco Tailor has started providing military tailoring for police uniforms and government clothing in one of the branches in Blockat 2 located in shop 21 in the large fabric market in Kuwait City after witnessing a significant growth in this field. This article will focus on a few things to consider when you visit the tailor shop or sewing store, such as Khamco Tailor to tailor military clothing or to make alterations to your police uniform.

The first thing you will notice at the military tailor is the precautionary measures the employees practice in order to distinguish whether you are a public or governmental employee or not. You might witness the master tailor asking you a set of basic questions before discussing with you his ability to sew you military clothes, this includes documents such as valid work ID, your military ranking, contact information, etc. to make sure you are legit. All employees want to follow governmental policies by assuring to their customers that this is all for security measures to protect our country and to take the proper procedures according to Khamco Company to verify customer data, oftentimes called KYC.

Afterwards, you will notice that the tailor will ask you many questions about your employer or government branch and what does your official uniform look like. As far as you know, I strongly advise you to show previous military clothing photos of the official uniform, if any, in order for the tailor to visualize a mental picture of the clothes that he or she will sew for you. Putting in mind the tailor's mentality, which is quite different from other employees, you must guide him or her with the details you want accurately in order to reduce the percentage of errors or mistakes that may happen to your tailored clothing.

The big difference between traditional or national clothes such as dishdashas and military clothes is the percentage of modifications required for military clothing, which tends to be more tiresome because everyone has different styles. This drastically affects the design of formal clothes and work uniforms by having various preferential characteristics such as: bigger collars, wider lapels, more buttons, unique cuff designs, ranking or embroidery, and much more which might be desired by the client. Sometimes it is better for you to share all relevant information to the tailor before they start sewing and try not to tell the tailor what to do, he or she likely knows their profession a lot more than me and you.

Back then, there used to be a huge military clothing workshop in Kuwait for the production of military clothing, but now there are many small military tailoring shops all operating individually for military clothing, and they are mostly run by Pakistanis and Indians in general. You will find most of these tailor shops in the Salhiya, Sharq, Aswaq AlQurain, Fahaheel, and Jahra area of Kuwait. Most of these tailor stores have neighboring sewing shops which provide embroidery services for names or logos on work clothes for Kuwaiti customers.

In conclusion, we find that the tailors who work in the military clothing field always offer different prices compared to the shop near them. There are many reasons behind this as it depends on the quality of sewing and the time you receive your military uniforms from the police tailor. You will find military suppliers in Kuwait City selling military accessories in addition to army fabrics and police clothing especially near the Mosque Roundabout area. Be sure that the store or military tailor you are finding is licensed and authorized to sell military clothing by the competent authorities of the state of Kuwait.

March 12, 2024

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