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Receive a complimentary fabric set with every online purchase you make on the website of 3.0 meters or more

Khamco is an online fabric store that provides unique textiles from across the globe to your door step. Our mission is to provide the best quality fabrics that suit your needs. Our fabrics are from countries such as: Peru, Japan, UK, Switzerland, etc. Rest assured that our vast experience with fabrics and textiles will be catered to your needs. 

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Are the fabrics the same color or pattern as seen online?

The color & texture of the fabric or textile may vary based on different lighting conditions.

What is the preferred cleaning method for fabrics?

All cotton fabrics or garments should be washed in cold water. However, woolen fabrics should be dry-cleaned. Special care needs to be taken for Polyester & Linen.

What does the GSM stand for?

GSM means "grams per square meter" which gives a representation of the weight of the fabric per unit area. A higher GSM means the fabric is more "dense" and is typically applicable for winter seasons (e.g. coats or jackets) while a lower GSM means the fabric is typically worn for summer seasons.

How much meters of fabric should I order ?

Please find a typical range of fabric to purchase based on the purpose (taller individuals may require an extra meter):
Dishdasha: 3.0 m to 4.0 m
Suit: 4.0 m to 5.0 m
Coat: 2.0 m to 3.0 m
Dress: 2.0 m to 4.0 m

Do you manufacture the clothing locally or abroad?

All tailored garments are made in Kuwait and we have partnered with local workshops & tailors that operate in Kuwait to manufacture garments with high quality fabrics .

Where is the fabric from?

All fabric is imported to Kuwait from all countries around the world. Here are a few countries we purchase from: Japan, England, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Peru, China, etc.

How do I know which size fits me?

If you are selecting a garment from the "Clothing Shop", please look into the PDF sizing dimensions chart within each product description page to get a better understanding of the sizing and what might fit you. All sizes listed are: (S) small, (M) medium, (L) large, and (XL) extra large.

Do you ship internationally?

We do ship fabric & clothing internationally . Our shipping calculator will calculate the shipping fees & rates upon Checkout. All import duties and taxes will be paid upon package arrival. The “Tailored” category is only available for Kuwait at the moment.

What is the Return & Refund Policy?

All Items are exchangeable and refundable within 14 days of purchase.

How do I place an order ?

To place an order in the Fabric Shop, select the fabric that suits you and choose the length of fabric you desire prior to adding the fabric to the shopping cart. For the Clothing Shop, select the garment and size that fits you before proceeding with checkout. For the Tailored Shop, please read the "How it Works" section on the Homepage to learn more, which is only available in Kuwait.

I cannot access my account anymore?

If you have lost access to your account or have forgotten your password, please proceed to reset your password. If you face any technical difficulties, please contact our technical team in order to assist you retrieve your account details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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