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Receive a complimentary fabric set with every online purchase you make on the website of 3.0 meters or more

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About Us

Khamco is an online fabric store and a local tailor shop that provides unique textiles from across the globe. Our mission is to provide the best quality fabrics that suit your needs. Our winter fabrics are from countries such as: Peru, Japan, UK, Switzerland, etc. Rest assured that our vast experience with fabrics and textiles will be catered to your needs. We offer a tailored experience for those looking to have a garment with a custom fit or you can purchase clothing from our clothing store. For every online order, you will receive an environmentally friendly tote bag with your purchase. If you have any questions, please contact us at and a member of our team will be glad to assist you . 

How it works

Order a ready-made garment from our “Clothing Shop” or purchase fine fabrics from our “Fabric Shop” by the meter. We currently are offering a unique Tailored Experience where you can custom order your own dishdasha/thobe at the comfort of your home and have it delivered to you within five business days. Please read "How Tailored Works" below to learn more.

How Tailored Works

1.  Select "Use this Fabric for Custom Made" to tailor a dishdasha/thobe after choosing a suitable fabric from the Fabric Store

2.  Choose your preferences & proceed to pick a time slot for our tailor to take your measurements 

3. Proceed with "Checkout" and input your information to be directed to the payment gateway to complete your order

4. After 5.0 business days from taking your measurements, you will receive a tailored dishdasha/thobe that is made specially for you

At Khamco, we have developed a unique design of adaptive clothing suitable for people with disabilities. Adaptive clothing is easily worn by handicapped individuals or for those who may have a difficulty wearing clothing. The clothing is designed and made from our fine fabrics which provides a comfortable feel for a person whose wearing it. Our social mission is to make clothing accessible to all.

Our premium fabrics are versatile & are comfortable to wear 


Our signature textiles are known for having a luxurious texture & feel


Our unique adaptive clothing is suitable for people with disabilities 

Social awareness

Social mission

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