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Find a suit tailor in Kuwait for gentlemen’s bespoke tailoring


In Kuwait, the quest to find the perfect suit is quite complex. A well-crafted suit can only be achieved if you find the right tailor.




How to choose the Perfect Dishdasha Tailor and how to avoid tailoring mistakes in Kuwait?


The article discusses the sewing problems faced with Kuwaitis when dealing with tailors in Kuwait.




Where can I find a military tailor in Kuwait for Women or Men in the Army or Police?


There are many Kuwaiti citizens who are registering for the national military service in the state of Kuwait, where most of them are young men or women who desperately want to protect their country or homeland from outside threats.




What Should I Know Before Visiting a Tailor?

Before arriving at a tailor shop, you should know what you want. In the Middle East, it’s quite common to visit the tailor shop to get a custom fitted thobe or dishdasha. By having a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your tailored garment, you start to convey this message to your tailor. Most tailors do not know what you are looking for and want to hear your opinion whether you prefer a loose or tight fit, a wide or fitted sleeve, or a modern or traditional style. Knowing exactly what you want will help the tailor understand your needs and their staff will provide you with the best possible service based on your requests. Tailors love when you give them a detailed request, because they are able to fully visualize what you are looking for, therefore let them know exactly what you want and if you are not sure, ask for their advice.

The most critical piece of advice before visiting a tailor, is to bring an article of clothing that suits you best. By doing so, the tailor can see what clothing item you like in general, understand your preferred style, and possibly make desired alterations based on your body fit. Put in mind that the height of any garment will depend on the sandals or shoes that you plan to wear with it. If you prefer a certain height, let the tailor know as this will help the tailor to get a better understanding of what you want the garment to fit and what tailoring expectations you have. When the tailor gives you the tailored garment, whether being a thobe or dishdasha, be completely honest about your expectations or thoughts about the fit. Let the tailor know your opinions for the garment and let them see what needs to be changed. If you have a specific look or fit in mind, communicate that clearly to the tailor as they should be aware of your desired preferences to put in mind for the future. Moreover, most tailors like to see what they have sewn on their customers to see what can be altered for a better fit. Always be open to suggestions and try your best to understand the tailor’s advice.

A good tailor will have loads of experience and expertise in garment construction and clothing alterations. Since you are not a tailor or have not sown for as long as the tailor has, its best to hear them out sometimes. Be honest about your views and seek advice on things you may not understand. The tailor’s main job is to achieve the best possible fit for you and is always looking to satisfy his or her customers. When visiting a tailor, you must understand that most of the time a tailor’s work is more expensive than a ready-made garment. Ask the tailor about their pricing and be sure to understand what services are included in the overall price. Many tailors have optional charges based on additional requests that you may add based on your preference. In addition, inform your tailor if you have a budget and hopefully the tailor can work with the budget in order to find the best solution for you. Tailoring does not take a short period and may require days or weeks to finish your order. Ask the tailor how long it takes to tailor a garment based on the article of clothing. Sometimes alterations may take a short period of time, however this depends on the order. By knowing the timeline, you can plan ahead and ensure that you have your garment when you need it. It’s good to put in mind that delays may happen. Lastly, check the tailor's credentials before choosing a tailor by asking about their: qualifications, experience, and customer reviews to ensure that they are the right fit for you.

April 9, 2023

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