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How Many Tailors do you need for a Tailor Store or Sewing Workshop?


This article will discuss the basic information regarding the number of tailors needed for a tailoring store, sewing workshop, or clothing factory.




Find a suit tailor in Kuwait for gentlemen’s bespoke tailoring


In Kuwait, the quest to find the perfect suit is quite complex. A well-crafted suit can only be achieved if you find the right tailor.




How to choose the Perfect Dishdasha Tailor and how to avoid tailoring mistakes in Kuwait?


The article discusses the sewing problems faced with Kuwaitis when dealing with tailors in Kuwait.




What Should I Look for in a Tailor and How do you Find a Good Tailor?

The main aspect to look for in a tailor is their quality of work and what they have made. By looking at the finished products they have on display or what the tailor has produced, you are able to get a sense of their style and skills at a glance. Pay close attention to the seams making sure they look straight and neat. One interesting aspect is to look at the button stitching and make sure the button holes are perfect. The overall quality of the workmanship is displayed at first glance and the second most important to look into is the tailor’s attention to detail.

A good tailor will always pay attention to the smallest details, such as ensuring that stitching patterns match up, the seams are aligned, and that the garment fits perfectly onto your body. If you have any remarks or comments, it's best to let you know when you're fitting a garment so the tailor will be able to fix it. The most important aspect in any tailor is their communication skills. A good tailor will listen carefully to your requests, offer advice when needed, and work to complete your order to achieve the desired result you seek. Tailors should be able to explain what can or can’t be done upon sewing a garment and give you a clear understanding of what to expect. Miscommunication is probably the number one cause of problems or issues with tailors, where either they haven’t followed the measurements or they have deviated from the customer’s instructions. Therefore a Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) process is highly recommended when working at a tailor shop.

The more experienced the tailor, the better they will be at their craft. The old saying goes “a white haired tailor is a good sign of experience”. When looking for a tailor store or sewing shop, ask colleagues or friends about their proven track record or their quality work. Oftentimes, tailors have a reputation and most likely that reputation is true. You might find online reviews helpful however it's crucial to know many bad reviews are biased and sometimes good reviews are overlooked. You sometimes can ask past customers for referrals such as friends or family who have used the tailor. A good tailor should have a strong reputation and needs to showcase good customer satisfaction via surveys or upon request. A great tailor will always provide you with a reasonable timeframe for the work to be completed. Sometimes there are times when they have a lot of work, which is why they take longer than usual but customers need to be aware of the timeframes to get accustomed to the tailor’s schedules. Tailors should also be able to accommodate any special requests customers may have, such as a rush job which may cost extra based on the tailor. Lastly, a great tailor will always add a personal touch to your garment. A good tailor will take the time to get to know you and try to understand your preferred styles for the future. Tailors sometimes may recommend fabrics and sewing styles that will suit your body type and diversify your wardrobe.

March 13, 2023

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